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Customer Testimonials 

Both my wife and I would like to thank you for the quality work you preformed on our house. We watched as your guys replaced the roofing on two of the houses across the street. Those guys worked hard and I was surprised that they got the first house completed in just one day. I did not see if they had removed the old roof so as they started work on the second house a week later, I happen to be home the whole day. They again amazed us as they repeated the task, only now I can answer that question about the old roof, yes it was removed. When they drove off that afternoon I walked over to see how they cleaned up.

The only way I could tell that they were there was the new shingle on the roof. A short time later I saw your truck show up and I was once again surprised to see you take a ladder and climb up to inspect the work that was done. You spent forty one minutes checking out the work and when I saw you walk from behind the house you had trash in your hands. That is the day that we met for the first time. I walked over to you and asked you to take a look at our roof. Manners always mattered to us and someone did a great job raising you because you never called me or my wife by our first names. That also showed in the finished product of your work and we thank you for that.

Some folks may read this and think I got a discount or that we are related in some manner for writing this. But when you asked me if you could use me for a recommendation, I thought I would put it in writing. From the start where you inspected our roof, through the handling of our insurance claim, to the day you spent forty one minutes on our final inspection, we, the Saunders family of Kernersville, are very pleased that we used Seth Adcock of Premier Building Solutions to replace our roof.

Dean and Angel Saunders

Kernersville, NC

​We purchased an older home in the fall of 2014 and decided to have the windows on the front & sides of the house replaced and have vinyl siding installed. This involved 13 casement windows, many of them triple windows approximately 70” wide. We called 5 companies to get estimates on this work. Those estimates varied from lowest to highest by over $20,000. Premier Building Solutions was neither the lowest nor highest estimate. They fell in the middle with one other whom we strongly considered. We decided to go with Premier because Seth was very conscientious about getting everything quoted according to exactly what we wanted done (trim, gable vents, etc) and because he intended to remove the 37 year old cedar siding rather than install over it. We knew there was some rot and had concerns about more based our home inspection but had no idea if it would be extensive. Seth wanted to be sure not to cover any rotten wood. It was obvious he wanted a solid finished product. Since the windows were not the more common double-hung windows, he checked & re-checked window measurements even bringing the company representative by before placing the order to avoid any installation issues.

Seth and his crew were here every day that weather permitted and worked diligently all day, including weekends when needed, to get the job done. They thoroughly cleaned up the worksite every day before leaving. He and all of his crew were very polite and friendly. They were great with my dog who considered himself part of the crew. The work took longer than we, or they, had anticipated. This was partly due to weather, partly to the amount of wood that needed replacing, and partly to the amount of aluminum wrap the job required. Not wanting to lose the Tudor elements of the home, we chose to have a lot of trim wrapped rather than replaced with vinyl siding, which was time-consuming work. I feel that they took the time to get the job done right.

Seth's attention to detail was comforting before and during the process. There were concerns along the way about the possible reasons for rotting wood in certain places, but Seth would show us what he found and determine if it was limited to that area or a bigger problem that we needed to have investigated. He is very knowledgeable and I felt I could trust whatever he recommended. He was also involved with roof repairs on the sale of our previous home and in making determinations about the roof of this home before purchase. We are very happy with the windows and siding work and the end result is beautiful.

I highly recommend Premier Building Solutions and will be calling them for future projects.

Debbie & Eric Hixson

High Point, NC 

I recently had my roof replaced by Premier Building Solutions and was so impressed by the professional job that was done that I had to brag about this company. I can count on 1 hand the number of times that I have ever taken the time to write a recommendation for a company that was totally unsolicited.

My neighbor had his roof replaced recently and as a result I saw the job that had been done on his house and had to contact the company that did his job about giving me a quote on my house. My roof was around 25 years old and was the original roof from when the house was built. Upon my calling Premier I was approached by Seth Adcock who was as professional as they come. Seth did an evaluation of my roof and found that I had previous wind and hail damage and was able to assist me with getting my insurance company to evaluate and get the cost to replace it covered by the insurance company.

Seth knows his stuff and was willing to assist me and work with me throughout the whole process. His crew showed up on a Friday morning and had my roof replaced and finished by 3:30 that afternoon. They were very respectful of my property and made sure to protect all my plants and bushes and cleaned up thoroughly before leaving the job. I was really impressed with Seth going the extra mile to paint my roof vent pipes and fireplace flashing in order to make these items blend in with the color of the roof. His attention to detail will surely impress you. I highly recommend you use Seth and his company if you are in need of a roof. These guys know the business and how to take care of the customer.

Satisfied and Impressed,

Mark Vestal

Greensboro, NC

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